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Article from section published on December 22, 2009

Launch of our ‘The Overlooked Casualties of Conflict’ report

In November 2009 we launched ‘The Overlooked Casualties of Conflict’ report – an in-depth study we commissioned to highlight the various challenges which children can face when they have a parent in the Armed Forces.

Below is a snapshot of some of the media coverage:


  • View The Independent article ‘Casualties of war: how forces children bear scars of conflict: A report reveals bullying, mortal fear, and schools that just do not understand’ here
  • View The Guardian article ‘Soldiers’ children face ‘ticking timebomb’ of problems – says charity: The emotional, psychological and financial problems faced by children of armed forces serving in Iraq or Afghanistan are not being adequately addressed – report finds’ here
  • View The TES article ‘Report calls for more support for those with parents deployed in war zones’ here
  • View The BBC Online article ‘Forces children face ‘time bomb’’ here
  • View The BBC Online article ‘Helping the hidden victims of war’ here
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Article from section published on December 22, 2009

Launch TV


  • BBC National News: During December we put the BBC in touch with one of the schools we regularly work with – Widewell Primary School in Plymouth – and whose pupils kindly drew many of the pictures featured in our ‘Overlooked Casualties of Conflict’ report. The BBC interviewed nine year-old Ross McNaught, whose Dad is currently in Afghanistan, and profiled the Arc Community project, which is funded by us and Royal Sailor’s Rest (two independent charities). The BBC also interviewed Professor Yule, who contributed to our report. We were delighted to see the problems faced by Service children reach the national news, and welcome the announcement that the Ministry of Defence has now commissioned research into this topic. Watch the report here, which appeared on the 1pm and 6pm national news on 21st December 2009, and read the piece here.
  • British Forces Broadcasting Service: The BFBS has produced a 4 minute recording which highlights the educational and emotional problems that the children of Service personnel can face. The BFBS, a broadcasting unit that connects the British Forces community wherever they are in the world through television and radio, spoke to one of the children we’ve helped whose Dad is currently away on operational duty in Afghanistan, as well as his Mum. The broadcast went out to serving families across the seas living as far as Cyprus, Belize and Germany. To visit the page website please click here or click here to download the report.

Article from section published on December 22, 2009

Launch Radio


  • Radio 4 Woman’s Hour: In response to the issues raised in our report, Woman’s Hour held a debate about Service children on 27th November. Our Director, Monique Bateman, was invited to speak along with Julie McCarthy of the Army Families Federation. One of the children we have helped was also interviewed to share his point of view. To visit the website click here or click here to download the interview.
  • Our Director, Monique Bateman, was interviewed on Radio Solent and The Quay, and the report was also discussed on Heart Plymouth and Gold Plymouth.