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Article from section published on March 10, 2010

Academic study commissioned to research health and wellbeing of service children

We are delighted to learn that the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London has received £1million in funding from the US Department of Defense to conduct a three-year study to look at the health and wellbeing of children whose fathers either are, or have been, in the UK Armed Forces. We very much welcome this study and commend the project for at last looking specifically at the challenges being faced by service children, rather than overlooking them as another side issue. However, we are disappointed to see there is no planned commitment, research or attention from the UK Government in any way. Our recent report, ‘The Overlooked Casualties of Conflict’, found that there are over 175,000 service children in the UK, and we think these children deserve some consideration and understanding from our own Government as well.

To read more about the King’s College London project, click here:

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Article from section published on March 1, 2010

WO1 Chris Murphy is running in the Edinburgh Marathon on 23 May 2010

chris_murp_23may2010My aim is to raise as much money as possible for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund. I have previously competed in two London Marathons and the Three Peaks challenge in order to raise money for this extremely worth while charity.

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