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Article from section published on July 17, 2013

Book Now For Kid’s Acitivity Weeks This Summer!

Kings Camps combine the best elements of sports and holiday clubs to provide fun and exciting adventure for young people and peace of mind for parents.

Available to the children (aged 5-17 years) of all naval personnel, camps will be running at HMS Temeraire, 29 July to 02 August and at HMS Collingwood, 05 to 09 August.

The price per child per week is just £50 for Junior Rates and £70 for Officers / Senior Rates. (This price is reduced from £162 per child thanks to the generous support of the RNRMC, RNRMCF and the Annington Trust.

For more information and detaikls of how to book your place, click on the leaflet below.

Kings Foundation – Portsmouth Flyer

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Article from section published on July 3, 2013

Children’s Art Competition 2013

‘The Big Catch!’ by Hugo Steel, winner 12-16yr category

A Royal Tea Party by Keira Beardworth, winner Under 6yrs category

Monday 24th June saw the start of Seafarers Awareness Week and the finals of our Children’s Art Competition 2013.   Seafarers Awareness Week is an annual event to promote the essential work done by seafarers to keep our island nation supplied with fuel, food and goods.  We chose the theme of Fish for Tea this year to highlight the work still done today by our Royal Navy in helping to bring food to our table.  Our theme was endorsed by Jamie Oliver this year who said:

“The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund art competition is a brilliant way to inspire kids to get into art and learn about beautiful, fresh fish, where it comes from and why it’s so good for them – it’s a brilliant competition and I’m excited to see the winning pictures.”  Jamie Oliver

A prize-giving and tea party was held at the Royal Maritime Club in Portsmouth for our finalists – many of whom had come from all over Portsmouth and Hampshire and indeed beyond.  Sadly some of our entries came from so far away they were unable to attend.  We had entries from Kent, Glasgow, Humberside, the Isle of Islay and even Sri Lanka and Macedonia!

After the difficult task of shortlisting from the hundreds of entries received our judges then had the almost impossible task of choosing the winners.   After much deliberation and discussion and a few disagreements they finally managed to make a decision and Prize Giving could begin.  Our thanks go to our wonderful judges – Dan Gover and Hannah Green from Jamie’s Italian in Portsmouth represented Jamie Oliver, Major Phil Packer MBE who is one of our Champions and has his own charity BRIT (The British Inspiration Trust) which supports disadvantaged children and links with many other children’s charities including the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund, Lt Commander Alexandra Sard MBE representing Seafarers UK and Philippa Gogarty, director of Micro-Scooters UK who have supported our Art Competition for the past three years providing their wonderful scooters as our first prizes in each category.

The theme of the competition was ‘Fish for Tea’ and there were three age categories.  The winners and shortlisted finalists were:

Under 6 yrs of age
1st Prize   Keira Beardsworth ‘ A Royal Tea Party’
2nd Prize   William Downing ‘Catch of the day’
3rd Prize  Roxy Jones-Whale ‘Fishy surprise dinner’
Highly commended Ava Griggs ‘Fishfingers’

Runners Up
Flora Clifton ‘Prawns for tea’
Senuda Dissanayake ‘Dinner is ready’
Roshan Gurjar ‘ Fish for tea?’
Daisy Meadows ‘Fish for tea’
Lydia Witcomb ‘Fishy Friday!’

7-11 yrs of age
1st Prize  Rory Holm ‘A Fishy Tale’
2nd Prize  Isobel Griggs ‘Feed all about it’
3rd Prize  Erin Nocetti ‘Fish for tea’
Highly commended Joseph Hamilton ‘Fish for tea’

Runners Up
Preeti Chauhan
Lennieka James ‘Having my dinner before you have me’
Alice Richardson ‘Fish for tea’
Imogen van Herck ‘Fish for tea’
Alexander Davidson ‘Fishy in a dishy’
Phoebe Page ‘Fish for tea’
Ella Sherman
Kate Surawy ‘Fish for tea’
Ellie Shirley ‘Fish for tea’

12-16 yrs of age
1st Prize   Hugo Steel ‘The Big Catch!’
2nd Prize  James Bristowe ‘Rainbows on a plate’
3rd Prize  Annabel Paneach ‘Fresh Mussels’
Highly Commended Lucy Sheppard ‘The Big Catch’

Runners Up
Mollie Beardsworth ‘Catch of the day’
Charlie Burton ‘Fish pie’
Helen Clifton ‘How the fish gets to tea’
Daniel Fryer ‘Fish for tea’
Sophie Guymer-Parker ‘Diving’
Freya Ingram ‘Bon Appetite!’
Lauren Jones ‘Sustainability’
Sara Konin ‘Fish for tea’
Jasmine Lennox ‘Fish for tea’
Cheteya Liyanage ‘Oh! What a cup of tea….on a sunny day’
Lucy Milne ‘Under the sea’
Dhylan Patel ‘Fish for tea’
Catherine Thompson ‘Not much left
Jacob Topliss ‘Fish dinner’
Charlie Warren
Saxon Watling
Joseph Westlake ‘Fish for tea’
Emma Williams ‘Fish in a teacup’