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Article from section published on March 10, 2014

A Tasty way to Fundraise!

Jessica Penna and Orianna Rivera, two students at Portsmouth University held a bake sale in aid of the Children’s Fund and raised around £80.  They wrote the following about their fundraising efforts – a huge thank you to them and all the volunteers who helped them.

On Friday 28th February, as part of the national student volunteering week, volunteers at Portsmouth University enthusiastically took part in a bake sale in the library foyer to tempt students with an array of tasty treats.

On offer were a large selection of choices including chocolate chip cookies, brownies, rainbow cupcakes, lemon pie and slices of chocolate cheesecake. One of the most popular options was the cookie monster cupcakes shown in the pictures below which sold out quickly. All of these tasty treats had been home-made and hand decorated the day before. I would like to thank the charity for all the help and support they gave us with posters, banners and t-shirts for the event, and for giving us the opportunity to raise money for this great cause.

Bake sale Fundraising Bake sale Fundraising Bake sale Fundraising

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