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Case Studies

Here are some examples of how we help people in need:

Son of a serviceman suffering from quadrilplegic cerebral palsy and other problems. This means he has little control over his physical movements and speech. He has a very able brain and is at University but needed a wheelchair and we were able to assist.

Following marital breakdown the working mother faced the prospect of having to withdraw her son from his school because he needed to switch from being a day pupil to boarding owing to her working hours. We provided short term support for the boarding element of his education.

A serving family’s finances collapsed after Mrs X had to give up work to look after their daughter who was diagnosed with a brain bleed. They were cutting down on their food consumption and finding the cost of hospital travel hard to meet. On top of that the children needed new school uniforms. We were able to give a grant to help cover the costs of clothing and travel.