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We currently have nearly 2000 active cases and spend around £1.3m annually.  We do this with just two full-time staff and a small group of very active and committed trustees.  The majority of our cases are situated in the areas where there is a Naval/Marines presence but we have some families in other areas of theUK.   The combination of the effects of the conflict and the ongoing recession are placing a great deal of strain on Naval and Marine families and as a result we have seen an increase of nearly a third in the number of beneficiaries needing our support.

We seek support primarily to be able to meet the ever growing demands that we face.  Many of the challenges our families face are not unique to Service children.  What is unique is the context in which Service children have to deal with them.  It is one thing to have a learning disability or be stressed studying for your GCSE’s, but it is another to do so while worrying for your parent’s safety out on the frontline in Afghanistan.  It is one thing to be a disabled child progressing through your education, but it is another to be frequently relocating and having to settle into new schools and friendship groups.

We very much value support from corporate organisations and have been grateful to have worked alongside from the following organisations:

BAE Systems

George Ide Solicitors

Plymouth Junior Lawyers

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