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There has been much well-deserved attention given to the challenges experienced by our Service personnel, but how often do people think of the children back at home? We are calling on the Government – both local and national – to give greater consideration, help and awareness to the stresses on Service children.

All too often we, as a charity, have to step in where the Government has failed to look after those who have gone into harm’s way for our nation’s interests, and it is their families who are making sacrifices to look after them when things go wrong. Hopefully the issues raised in this report will help illuminate the challenges frequently being faced by Service children.

Disadvantaging them at that stage casts a life-long blight on their development and their ability to achieve their full potential. Not a happy outcome for a nation that purports to espouse “equal opportunities” so vigorously. Service children cannot remain the overlooked casualties of conflict any longer.

Please download a PDF of the Overlooked Casualties of Conflict report here.

Oftsed report looking at the social, emotional and educational impact on service families (PDF)

Ofsted Report summary (PDF)



Knit the Family

Every day, military personnel return from the front line, to their families and the lives they left behind.  Those returning often suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Operational Stress Reaction (OSR), problems that not only affect their lives but also those of their loved ones.  Over the past year the Royal Navy Royal Marines Children’s Fund has noticed an increase in the amount of families who have been broken apart because of the issues that PTSD and OSR brings.

After receiving a generous donation from the LIBOR fund (a Government pot of money collected from the fines levied on Banks) the RN & RM Children’s Fund  has created a book aimed at helping families understand and cope with the impact and stresses both pre, post and during deployment, helping to knit them back together.

The title of the book: ‘Knit the Family’ reflects the spirit of the overall campaign which is aimed at assisting families reintegrate by helping with ways of broaching the issues and providing valuable tips and advice for dealing with them.

Knit the Family book cover

RNRMCF ‘Knit the Family’ – A low res-1