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Article from section published on June 28, 2012

Children’s Art Competition

Monday 25th June saw the start of Seafarers Awareness Week and the finals of our Children’s Art Competition 2012.   A prize-giving and tea party was held at the Royal Marines Museum in Southsea for our finalists – many of whom had come from all over Portsmouth and Hampshire and indeed beyond.  Sadly some of our entries came from so far away they were unable to attend.  We had entries fromCornwall, Kent and even New Delhi in India!

After the difficult task of shortlisting from the hundreds of entries received our judges then had the almost impossible task of choosing the winners.   After much deliberation and discussion and a few disagreements they finally managed to make a decision and Prize Giving could begin.  Our thanks go to our wonderful judges – Lady Montgomery, wife of the Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Sir Charles Montgomery; Mr William Lansbury, an Art Dealer in London and Lt Cdr Alexandra Sard MBE from Seafarers UK.

Our thanks also go to those that supported us with the competition.  Micro-Scooters UK who donated the 1st prizes in each category – either their award winning scooters or the amazing EzyRoller.  Cass Arts who gave us some vouchers which we used towards all the other prizes.  Each shortlisted child received one of their fantastic coloured bags.  Particular thanks to the Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant and Hampshire County Council who gave us a fantastic grant for the event and enabled us all to have a wonderful tea party.  Thanks to them every child that entered received a certificate and we will be making a calendar from the shortlisted finalists’ paintings.    Thanks also theRoya lMarines Museum, Seafarers UK and our photographer John Billam.

The theme of the competition was ‘Pirates’ and there were three age categories.  The winners and shortlisted finalists were:

Under 6 yrs of age

1st Prize   Honey Day  ‘Pirate Ship’

1st Prize   Kasia Tasak  ‘Pirate Ship’

2nd Prize  Amber Gardner ‘Lady Pirate’

3rd Prize  Abigail Liddington ‘The Sailing Pirate Ship’

Runners Up:

Pippa King ‘Poppy Pirate’

Bethany Martin ‘ Captain Blackbeard’

Zane Neczaj-Baulk ‘Special Pirate’

Flynn Norton ‘Nautical Nortons’

Lizzie Power ‘It really is a real old map’

Rhys Rogers ‘ Star Pirate Ship’

Tia White ‘Captain Red Beard’


6-11 yrs of age

1st Prize  Evie Brett ‘Watch out! Seafarers About!’

2nd Prize  William Evans ‘Sail the 7 Seas’

2nd Prize  Isobel Griggs ‘ Pop Art Pirates’

3rd Prize  Callum Drennan

Runners Up:

Finlay Anderson ‘Parry the Pirate’

Paul Baillie ‘ Yarr! I found me treasure’

Sasha Baldwin

Robert Berrisford-Smith ‘BlackPearl’

Hadley Birchall ‘Captain Scruff’

Finn Brown ‘The Old Buccaneer’

Samantha Cooke ‘A Skyless Night’

Zach Hayden

Cindy Hung ‘Two Pirates getting Treasure’

Jennifer Hung ‘The Treasure Hunt’

Ameera Kessell ‘Ameera’sIsland’

Lois Morrow ‘The Golden Treasures of the Sea’

Zena Neczaj-Baulk ‘I’m off to explore the world’

Isobel Warren ‘On the Sea’


12-16 yrs of age

1st Prize   Cara Birchall ‘The Pirates Parrot’

2nd Prize  Megan Knott ‘Jolly Roger’

3rd Prize  Isobel Macey-Dare ‘Gunpowder Gil’

Paras Arora ‘Pirates :)’

Megan Knott ‘Spot my Secrets’

Tom Cawte ‘Skull and Crossbones’

Megan Duffy ‘Pirate Tattoo’

Robyn Monkcom

Harrison Tupper ‘The Captain’

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