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Article from section published on February 22, 2012

Fighting For – A Poem

In the office, we receive a lot of correspondence which sometimes is quite harrowing to read. This arrived recently in our office, in a plain envelope and handwritten on a sheet of lined paper ripped from a notebook. There was no signature or return address so the author remains anonymous.

It has moved us all so much, we felt we had to share this remarkable poem.

Fighting for

For my child.

I packed my bag and said goodbye

I didn’t want to see you cry

I hoped you wouldn’t wonder why

I’m leaving you for war

I sailed away far out to sea

I hoped that you’d remember me

And one day that you would see

Why I had to go to war

I place your photo by my bed

I say goodnight and kiss your head

And think of stories we have read

In the dim lit bunk of war

I hope that you are safe and strong

My duties here will not go wrong

And I’ll return where I belong

With you and not at war


For my love.

I write a letter just in case

I don’t return to see that face

The sea’s the final resting place

For sailors lost at war

If in some far off foreign land

Or some sun scorched desert sand

I’m broken by another’s hand

Then flown back from the war

Don’t salute as I return

Pray a peace we all will earn

Before our children take their turn

To suffer in a war

My child without a mum or dad

Will never live a life so glad

As many others children had

Because I went to war


For my nation.

To fight for country, and for queen

To fight for those I’ve never seen

To fight for comrades in the war

But, it’s my child I’m fighting for

If I return all broken, or don’t return at all

I pray my country and my queen

I hope all those I’ve never seen

Remember it’s my child that’s been

Their casualty of war

So do your bit to honour us

And keep our children safe

Just as we lived to honour you

And took our dreaded place

Amongst the pain and sorrow and suffering we saw

Don’t let our little children be lost casualties of war.

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