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Article from section published on December 14, 2015

Grant received from Greenwich Hospital and The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

We are delighted to announce that the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund has received their annual grant from Greenwich Hospital and The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity. This grant is awarded to go towards our work with children of Serving and Ex-serving members of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and their Reserves. £581,000 has been awarded from the Greenwich Hospital grant and £139,000 from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity from their Payroll Giving Scheme.

Our thanks go to Greenwich Hospital, The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity and all who contribute through the payroll giving scheme – this money is given by Serving men and women and they can rest assured that 100% of all grants and donations to the RNRM Children’s Fund goes directly to our beneficiaries so their generous donations make a real and tangible difference to the lives of the children we support.

We have been in operation for nearly 200 years supporting children with a parent who is a serving or ex-serving member of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines. Over the last year we have assisted nearly 2000 children from both serving and ex-serving families. 100% of all donations and grants go directly to the beneficiaries as the income from our investments (from the sale of our original orphanages) more than covers all our operating costs. 85% of our beneficiaries are bereaved, disabled (both mental and physical disability) or ill or have a parent that is disabled or ill.

Of the money that we spend £40 buys nappies for a disabled child for a month, £100 helps to buy school uniform, £300 pays for 5 sessions of speech therapy. We spend around £8000 a month on respite and childcare and around £10000 a month on clothing and equipment for children in desperate need. As you can see the need is far ranging and every penny really does make a difference.

So on behalf of all the children that we support – we thank you for your support.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund

December 2015

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