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Article from section published on March 26, 2014

In a Spin for Charity!


Well I had hoped I would be writing a post Plymouth Half Marathon race report for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund newsletter but it wasn’t to be.

I started training for the Plymouth Half Marathon back in November with the aim to raise money for this charity.  However injury defeated me, firstly my knee and then my calf put stop to me running.  I was so disappointed and felt terrible about letting the Children’s Fund down.

Then, Lucy my Body Pump and Spinning instructor immediately responded with a new challenge for me to undertake, a 3 hour Spinathon (indoor cycling to music)!  How could I resist this kind offer to help me raise some cash?  After all I’m sure I could turn my legs for three hours!

The date was set was Sunday 23rd March and suddenly ten other people from Alive Fitness and Sport (Teignmouth) had come on board to join in what was now described as an epic cycle.  ‘Turn my legs for three hours’, how wrong could I have been.  Lucy had it all sorted, three solid hours of climbing hills, sprint intervals, hovering and press ups (on the bike) with not a minute to catch your breath.  Two hours in and the legs were burning, however then family and friends came in to support us and the last hour flew (ish) by.

So some money should be on its way over from Virgin Money Giving for you to put towards supporting our children.  Thank you for all the work you do.

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