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Article from section published on December 22, 2009

Launch of our ‘The Overlooked Casualties of Conflict’ report

In November 2009 we launched ‘The Overlooked Casualties of Conflict’ report – an in-depth study we commissioned to highlight the various challenges which children can face when they have a parent in the Armed Forces.

Below is a snapshot of some of the media coverage:


  • View The Independent article ‘Casualties of war: how forces children bear scars of conflict: A report reveals bullying, mortal fear, and schools that just do not understand’ here
  • View The Guardian article ‘Soldiers’ children face ‘ticking timebomb’ of problems – says charity: The emotional, psychological and financial problems faced by children of armed forces serving in Iraq or Afghanistan are not being adequately addressed – report finds’ here
  • View The TES article ‘Report calls for more support for those with parents deployed in war zones’ here
  • View The BBC Online article ‘Forces children face ‘time bomb’’ here
  • View The BBC Online article ‘Helping the hidden victims of war’ here
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