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Article from section published on February 22, 2012

Phil Packer’s Brit 2012 Challenge

Phil Packer has lent a considerable amount of support to the RNRM Children’s Fund and we are delighted to support him in his latest challenge, Brit 2012.

Phil Packer MBE is calling on the young people, businesses and the British public to join him as he walks 2012 miles across Great Britainduring 2012 to raise £15million to build a Centre of Inspirational Excellence for young people facing  adversity.

The BRIT 2012 Challenge will begin on 24 January when Phil, the founder of the British Inspiration Trust who suffered severe spinal cord damage in 2008 and was told it was highly unlikely he would walk again, will set out on his 2012-mile walk, starting at Chichester College inWest Sussex. Over the course of the year he will make his way through locations chosen by young people in everycounty ofEngland,Northern Ireland,Scotland, andWales, including Jersey,Guernsey and the Isle of Man. On the way, he will meet many of Great Britain’s youth who are facing physical and mental adversity, from community groups, schools, colleges and charities who will join Phil at the chosen locations where he will walk.

Find out more here.

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