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Article from section published on June 22, 2015

Royal Marine Calendar Girl turns Author!

RNRMCF_WAGAfter taking part in a ‘Band of Wives’ coffee morning group, and featuring in the successful Royal Marine Wags 2015 calendar as ‘Miss January’, Elizabeth Eager set out to show that there was more to being a military wife than just being a pretty face.

Elizabeth was inspired by the independence and innovative way that fellow ‘Wags’ (Wives and girlfriends) overcame obstacles and personal challenges, to raise their families, overcome heartbreak or run businesses around their husbands and partners career and deployments. She also wanted to show some of the unique challenges that are faced by military wives and girlfriends, and their children in a way that is honest, uplifting, funny and engaging.

Her book ‘Warrior Wives’ does just that.

Produced in collaboration with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund, it is a collection of anecdotal stories from some of the Wives and Girlfriends that have inspired her, and includes insightful quotes from children in a local school whose parents serve in the military.

Elizabeth says “With ‘Warrior Wives’ I wanted to show people that it isn’t just the lads who are brave and serving their country. When they are deployed, it can be a real struggle for the one that is left behind; it can be a lonely and isolated life being married to the military. The wives and girlfriends are often the ones who have to pick up the pieces if their children struggle with daddy’s absence, or if the lads struggle when they come home from conflict. This book is a chance for the ladies to share their stories and their bravery. What I think makes the book unique is that the girls felt they could be really honest because they were speaking to ‘one of them’ someone who has been there and understands. They didn’t have to sugar-coat anything”

The book is comprised of twenty four different stories showing a broad spectrum of challenges faced by the wives and girlfriends of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines; from girlfriends that are just starting out on their journey as a military ‘wag’, to seasoned ‘veteran’ wives who have seen many deployments including Iraq and Afghanistan, and including wives who have helped their husbands overcome injury or the struggle to adapt to civilian life after leaving the military, including the story of Becky Ormrod who is married to Mark Ormrod, author of ‘Man Down’ and the U.K’s 1st triple amputee.

“All of the ladies involved said it helped them to write down their stories and made them realise how resilient and strong they are. They are an integral part of service life and often the ‘unsung Hero’. I hope the book can give an insight into what it is really like being married to someone in the military, but in an uplifting way. “

The book will be released on Armed Forces Day 27th June 2015.

Proceeds from the book will be donated to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines children’s fund You can buy a print copy from the Royal Marines shop for £5.99.

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