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Article from section published on March 13, 2013

We need your help to build a giant Poppy!

Terry Williams from Henstridge is using donated petals from poppies sold for Remembrance Sunday to create the world’s biggest poppy in time for the second annual Armed Forces Day gathering in Henstridge in┬áJune 2013.

The giant poppy, which will be used to raise money for the Royal British Legion is expected to measure 60 by 40 feet, and will require 250,000 petals to complete.

Mr Williams said he is delighted to have received so many petals in just three weeks, and he’s urging people to keep them coming.

“People have really embraced this. We are so grateful for the poppies we have received so far but we still need a lot more,” he said.

Mr Williams is now seeking a sponsor for certificates, which he hopes to present to everyone who provides petals on Forces Day.

To add to the giant poppy, write your name and postcode on the back of each petal and send them to Mr Williams at 2 Marlstone Court, Henstridge, Somerset, BA8 0SH. For more information, call 07845 137796.

For more information on the event in Henstridge, see here Henstridge Exhibitor entry form 2013

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